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    Harness the power of our free annual license seat. Our subscription model offers an unbeatable value, making cutting-edge photonic simulations accessible to all. Get started today!
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    Elevate your innovations with EME!
    Add a new dimension to your 2D simulations with our advanced 3D EigenMode Expansion solver. Explore complex structures and enhance your capabilities. Secure your license now!
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    Overcome challenges with hours of one-on-one dedicated support to help you script, optimize, and succeed in your projects. Gain a competitive edge before this limited offer runs out!
Features EMode2D EMode3D EMode Premium
FDM 2D mode solver
Bending waveguide modes
Interfacial scattering loss tool
Automated parameter sweeping tool
EME propagation simulation and analysis
Guaranteed dedicated support
See the EMode Setup Guide for detailed setup and installation instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account to get EMode?

Yes. To download and install EMode you must create a EMode Account.

If you don’t have a EMode Account, you can create one now.

How do I download software from emodephotonix.com?
  1. To get EMode, first create an account. Verify your account through the confirmation email you receive.
  2. Second, purchase the software online through the EMode store.
  3. Login to your EMode Account, at the top of your account page you can find the link to download EMode.
  4. If you have any issues with the download process, contact our support team.
What is sales tax?
Laws regarding transaction taxes vary from one jurisdiction to another. In many regions across the globe, EMode is obligated by law to apply transaction taxes like sales tax, VAT, or GST and strives to calculate and collect all relevant taxes at the time of purchase. If we do not assess a transaction tax, it is possible that you may be responsible for remitting the tax independently. Please note that individuals are not exempt from tax liability and may be subject to tax charges.
What is the return policy?
Please note that all sales are final. Once a purchase is made, it cannot be returned or exchanged. We understand that situations may arise, but due to the nature of our products and services, we are unable to accept returns. We encourage you to carefully review your order before completing the purchase. If you require assistance or have questions, please contact our customer support team. Thank you for choosing EMode Photonix.
What is the EMode privacy policy?
See the Privacy Policy for details.
Are my credit card transactions secure?
Your security is our priority. EMode uses a PCI-compliant third-party vendor to securely process your order. Our trusted third-party vendor uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your credit card information during transactions.